NudeState: Enjoy The Skin You’re In

Welcome to NudeState! We are a bunch of active, fun-loving friends who enjoy exploring new activities without clothing getting in the way of the experience. Those who have experienced it will understand that our skin was meant to interact with the environment, and we can connect with the world in a whole new way when we shed our clothes…and our inhibitions. We promote body positivity, good health, great relationships, and fun times.

Some of our adventures include:

Bungy JumpingYoga
Rock ClimbingCamping
Skim BoardingSport Shooting
HikingBeach Volleyball
TennisDance Party

We have friends in Victoria, Vancouver, Kamloops, Calgary, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Some may label us naturists, some might say nudists, but at the end of the day we just feel that most things in life are better without clothing. If you want to take the leap and give it a try we’d love to adventure with you, and we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll probably love it. (Speaking from experience, of course.)