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Body Concept At The Beach

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When people ask me about my experiences with yoga, swimming, or going to the beach, all while I’m nude, they often say the same thing, “I could never do that, I’m too [fat][skinny][hairy][small]etc…” And I can never get it through to them that an environment in which everyone is nude is probably one of the most positive places you’ll ever find for your body self concept. It’s a tough image for people to understand until they’ve been there. I know for me it wasn’t the allure of being naked that brought me back to Wreck Beach, it was the amazing feeling of acceptance among an entire shoreline of people, who were all different yet all the same in their nakedness. 

I don’t go to clothed beaches much anymore now that I’ve found Wreck Beach, but my friend M was telling me about how she ended up at one of the local beaches last year with some of her friends. She doesn’t usually go to regular beaches either, but I guess her textile friends forced that visit upon her. Anyway, she told me about how she felt so much more aware of her body and her image, and how she felt like everyone was judging her there. She was constantly checking her bathing suit to check for coverage. Feeling the critical eyes of those around her, she began to worry about her image. I know what she’s talking about; textile beaches are uber-critical places. You’re supposed to be fit, have the right balance between revealing your body while staying legal, and your outfit must adhere to society’s fashion standards for the season. Are polka dots in this season, stripes, etc? Seriously I take my favorite beach for granted sometimes until I’m reminded by M that we have it so good when we are among other nudists. 

So in response to all those people out there that say “I could never be nude in front of others because I’m too [insert negative self concept adjective here].” I say you’re wrong!! I know it’s going to be like pulling teeth to get you to try the lifestyle, but I promise you’ll notice it’s much more positive and healthy for your self image. Those crazy nudists are open and accepting of all, so give it a go. I’m thankful to live next to one of the most famous nude beaches in the world and I vow to not take it for granted and enjoy it as much as I can, while trying to show others what a gem we have available to us; not just the beach, but the whole concept of nudism is available to all of us to enjoy ourselves and our bodies naturally without criticism. We are all beautiful just the way we were made, and we all need to realize that and believe it.

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