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Help Us Plan New Events!

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Hey everyone. We want to hear from you to see what events you would like to attend with NudeState.

Our goals are to create fun events, that don’t require clothing. We aim to do this while promoting body acceptance, and supporting local charities with our event profits. So what events would you attend if we were to host them? Help us plan the future!

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  1. Hi,

    I’m just wondering if you have any nude hiking outings planned for later this year. My wife and I are interested in these types of events, and we would be able to help find some participants at the Nifty Swim.

    Please let me know if this sounds like something you would like to do.



    1. Hi David,

      We’ve been talking about this and we would love to do some hikes. I have a few places in mind, and I do mean ‘just a few’, as it’s harder and harder to find somewhere that isn’t super busy. Let’s talk more about this and get some events planned for this year!

  2. Hello Guys, We know that a big group of people like to be part of the swims on Saturdays, I’ve notice some months have 5 Saturdays leaving 1 Saturday open for another swim, I believe most people will welcome that with open arms especially in a center pool like Templeton, easy access, easy to get to, anyway, it’s an idea to consider; maybe for April or September,


  3. Hello my nudist community. I want to pass a plan for a trip this summer, I had tried to plan it last year but wasn’t able to get the amount of people needed, I did however get a coach bus, the boat and a caterer on board for a nude cruise on the Harrison Lake. I had over a dozen people ready to go but was short 20.
    I’m sending you this note because I have been approached by a few Nifty members wondering if I was planning a trip this year.
    Hope to hear back soon.

    1. Bodyfest sounds amazing. NudeState’s California RV trip will miss it by one week, and I don’t think our travel dates are negotiable, but now that it’ll be in Canada as well, we can make that one! Stoked!

  4. Hello again, I saw an article about a nude body painting day, I was hoping to find something in Vancouver. But couldn’t find anything.
    This might be a neat idea for nudists to have a canvas painted on the body.
    Also waiting to see if there was interest in the nude cruise on Harrison Lake.

  5. The NudeState website gives an incorrect URL for the Naked Bungy Jump in Nanaimo on Feb 17 and 18. To book your jump, use this URL:
    and then click on the event name “Naked Bungy Jump for BCSS”. (I will be jumping for the fifth time on Feb 17; let’s hope it won’t be raining!)

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