NudeState is a Canadian activity club headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, working to promote body acceptance and active naturism. Chapters also exist in Victoria, Kamloops, and Calgary.

We believe that almost everything is better when enjoyed in the skin you were born in. This philosophy leads us on the constant pursuit of enjoying all our favourite activities without clothing. While some people may still assume that naturism is for a strictly senior demographic of chess players, we are out there enjoying waterslides, wakeboarding, hiking, biking, skimboarding, rock climbing, camping, and generally whatever else we can enjoy while wearing no more than our own skin.

Naturism is gaining massive popularity as people push back on body image expectations, and as more and more people realize that our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of, and instead should be celebrated. There is a recognition among naturism that our concept of the ‘perfect body’, and our shame for not achieving it, are products of a society that makes money from sexualizing our bodies and selling us products to help us achieve something we don’t have. Make no mistake: there are no body expectations here.  

As clothing-optional and nude travel has become a multi million dollar industry, we are here to help showcase that there are very few barriers to the lifestyle, and almost anything can be enjoyed in a social, comfortable, and non-sexual NudeState.

All profits from events we host go to our favourite local charity!

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