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Get Naked: It’s Good for Your Brain | h+ Magazine

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I read a very interesting article today that I would like to share. The title caught my eye, claiming that nudity is good for your brain.

The article goes on to say that clothing is restricting our skin from properly sensing our environment. It claims that spending more time naked exercises the brain because it is receiving many more signals than when you are clothed. Apparently naked time, especially time spent barefoot, encourages your brain to do more thinking because of the extra sense. This can help to improve your balance and posture, in addition to helping prevent Alzheimer’s!Nudity also is said to reduce stress and is cleaner since bacteria can be trapped in clothing. And one of the most positive things this article mentions is a reduction in porn addiction. I always say that pornography is a very serious addiction that can ruin relationships, and it’s so true that this addiction can be reduced by nudism. This is because the adult entertainment industry thrives off our negative self image and our necessity to hide our bodies. When it’s all out in the open, what have they got to market?

 Check out the full article here: Get Naked: It’s Good for Your Brain | h+ Magazine

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