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Brand New Website!

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Yup, it’s about time we put up a fresh coat of paint. Our new site is up and easier than ever to see what events are coming up. Not only that, but you can now book online! And all our big events are for charity, with all profits going to a special charity that needs our support. Let’s get naked and raise some money to help some people that need it.


  1. Love the new site. The old one was great too, but it’s nice to see a new look. Great work, see you at the next event.

  2. Hi ! I have been a nudist for years, member of the Van Tan club, is Nude State a new group or are you a group that has been hiding somewhere ?? It’s good to see a new group in the area, we need more events like this !! I hope it will be successful !!
    Cheers :; Tom

    1. Hi Tom,
      We’ve been around since 2010, but life’s demands have hampered our consistency. The group was started with the intention of catering to a more active lifestyle within the naturist community. Over the years we’ve rented indoor an indoor climbing gym, done nude skimboarding, bungy jumped, camped, and boated nude, and now we are about to have an indoor nude beach party to kick off the year. Hoping 2017 sees a lot of great events like this! Great to hear from you, thanks for the comment.

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