Shy Therapy at a Nude Beach

  • Date:2017-10-22
  • Time:14:00
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Venue: Fairview Hall1443 West 8th Avenue
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Shy Therapy at a Nude Beach (indoor stage play, comedy-drama)

Part of the first annual Friendy Festival, 2017 (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

In the spring after the 1917 revolution, Russians rushed out to creeks and ponds, feeling more free than ever to skinny dip.  Now, 100 years later, come to this comedy-drama about Vancouver’s world-famous nude beach.  Will the audience strip off for the thrill of it-and to protest war and sexism?  Watch the therapists cure volunteer clothoholics from the audience!  The therapists invented peer-counselling shy therapy in Vancouver, BC, in 2011.  This healing is cheaper, quicker, better, and funnier than shrinks and drugs.  Earn a Bare Bum Certificate.  The only happy play about Wreck Beach!  We have been brain-washed that clothes are good, our glorious bodies bad, that breastfeeding is dispensable, and that dominating others is inevitable.  Those myths lead to gawking, shame, conflict, illness, and misery.  About nudism (naturism), beauty, bikinis, and burqas.  Uplifting, radical, intellectual!  No sex, touch, violence, or photography.  All nude (optional for audience).  Warning:  possible clothing.  Each show different-attend often.
2017 Festival Schedule
Shy = ‘Shy Therapy at a Nude Beach’.
Trump = ‘Trump the Hippie’, the other show in the festival.

Wednesday October 18 4 pm Shy      7:30 pm Trump
Friday October 20    7:30 pm Shy   9:30 pm Trump
Saturday October 21  2 pm Trump    4 pm Shy
7:30 pm nude swim
Sunday October 22    2 pm Shy      4 pm Shy
Friday October 27    7:30 pm Trump 9:30 pm Shy
Saturday October 28  2 pm Shy      4 pm Trump
7:30 pm nude swim
Sunday October 29    2 pm Trump    4 pm Shy
7:30 pm nude swim female

70-minute shows.  Those 3 nude-friendly indoor swim-spa parties are off-site (not officially in festival).
BC nudist calendar:  www.Korky.ca – click on Nude events.

All ages (minors may attend with parents but the younger ones might be bored because of the advanced concepts).

Friendy Festival   2017 October 18-29.
Fairview Hall, 1443 West 8th Avenue (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Coast Salish.
14$ per performance.  (7$ on Oct. 18.)

korkyday@yahoo.com  ;  FaceBook event pages, including Friendy Festival.
Tickets:  Red Cat Records 4332 Main Street; telephone 604-708-9422.
2447 East Hastings Street; telephone 778-379-8405.
On-line tickets from Brown Paper Tickets.

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